Friday, November 19, 2010

LA Times pt. 2

I just got back from another trip to LA. Once again I had a great time. Got a chance to build with a bunch of great producers while I was out there which was a boost. My manager got a call from our boy Mike of 9Five Eyewear while I was out there. He said he wanted to shoot a video for "Keep Your Head To The Sky" in December! I'm juiced because I had always hoped that song would be my first video. God is so real.

There was some question as to whether or not "Keep Your Head To The Sky" and "Day In The Life" would make the final track list of Believing In Greatness. Both songs were produced by the incredible Tycoon Beats. Without getting in to detail, all I will say is that the phone call from Mike saved the day. Now the homie Tycoon and I are working on a group project that will be released next summer. Like I said... God is real.

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