Wednesday, October 6, 2010

48 Laws Of Power x The Art Of Seduction

Kanye got all you people talkinbout "power." I don't know if this book inspired the song, but I wouldn't be surprised if Yeezy has flipped through the pages of this classic from author Robert Greene.

I read an article about The 48 Laws Of Power in Vibe Magazine back in 2005. I bought the book the following day and finished it within weeks. Afterwards, I immediately started looking for other titles from Robert Greene. The Art Of Seduction was the next book that I read from the author. Man... I love this dudes writing style. And the content is on point. Pure greatness...

The cool thing about both of these books is that as you read them, you will be able to identify the situations in your life that parallel that particular chapter of the book. But the best part about the authors writing style is that he references historical events in order to prove his points.

I'm not going to talk to much more about these books. Just go check them out at your local book store. You'll thank me for it.

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